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How are you guys? This time I will be taking in english and I will be talking about Shapellx, that is a website full of awesome stuff. Bodysuits, panties & shorts or the best shapewear it's a few things you can find in the website. Honestly I think I love every single product! Isn't it the best?

If you can choose something for you, what would you choose? I will leave here some of the most beautiful and awesome products that this shop have! And of course, because we are at that time of the year - BLACK FRIDAY it's already here! Looking forward to see? See here on the website! With the code BF50 you have extra 50% off in orders over $200! Amazing right?

As you know, on the website you can see the thong shapewear bodysuit here on the link, the waist trainer for women, the best black friday waist trainer deals 2020 that you want to see of course!

They say: "To help women define their own beauty standards. You should be able to wear clothes that make you feel beautiful regardless of your age, shape, or size. We help you conquer your body image goals while glorifying your body type." and it's so true!

Mission Statement

We strive to create products that make women feel good in their skin so they can live a life free to choose health and energy, rather than being trapped in the vicious cycle that keeps them self conscious. We give you the freedom to live your life to the fullest. Every woman should have the confidence and security to feel good in her own skin. This personalized experience is tailored to each individual woman. Maintaining self-love and confidence is easy when your products help define your curves.

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